Hi Everyone,

Hope life is treating you well. I've got a new record out now on Black Hen Music.

It is called "If Wishes Were Horses".

It was produced by my pal Steve Dawson and includes a great cast of musicians. It's a mixed bag, which is how I like my bags. You'll hear country & western, folk, rock n' roll, singer songwriter & blues songs. In all of them, you'll hear my best attempt at delivering interesting stories viewed from a different angle.

I'm proud of it. I hope you'll like it too.

In the coming weeks we'll be releasing some video from our good friends at Azara Effect Productions (https://azaraeffect.com/)

For now, you can hear a few samples here - ( https://www.blackhenmusic.com/album-if-wishes-were-horses ) - and pre-order a copy of the record. 

We'll be travelling the Canadian Prairies and West Coast to bring the record to you live in November 2019. Have a look here to figure out where we're playing. Hope to see you out there.





Photo by Scott Gillies

Photo by Scott Gillies

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